Consulting and managerial services for business owners, managers and teams aiming to help develop business strategies, conduct marketing and sales operations. More than 25 years of managerial experience in marketing and sales , operational restructuring, building distribution system is behind the Manager of „Darnus pasaulis“ Mr. Gintaras Bingelis. Together with the client we aim to find:
– solutions for challenges related to business continuity or business value growth;
– solutions for company‘s operations changes in order to improve profitability or capture market share;
– solutions for boosting export, entering new markets, increasing sales in existing markets;
– solutions for development or improvement of distribution system;
– ways and means to enhance the company’s competitiveness;
– ways and means to modify or to create the desired image of the company.

Our values:

Responsibility – before starting to act we verify whether the desired managerial services would create added value or desirable benefits to the business;
Openness – our services are based on team work with the company’s owners, managers and team;
Honesty – only fair handling of any matter leads to the right decision and success;
Respect –  successful management respects creativity, initiative and well-reasoned opinion.